Alen BreatheSmart-FLEX-Pure Air Purifier – Review

Here is the most honest review of Alen BreatheSmart-FLEX-Pure Air Purifier.

Alen BreatheSmart-FLEX-Pure Air Purifier

Here is what most satisfied people say about this air purifier:

  • This product is exceptionally well built, quiet, and is quite simply, gorgeous to look at.
  • I purchased this after having an asthma attack in my office at work due to extreme humidity issues in our building. Within 30 minutes I felt a million times better. This is so quite most people can’t hear it running.
  • I use this product in my bedroom while sleeping and have noticed a tremendous amount of allergen relief.
  • So far, my son’s allergies are 95% better.
  • Since I’ve purchased this product, I have seen less dust and pet hair. My nephew’s allergies have reduced substantially.
  • Expensive but well worth it… We bought a second one.

Here is what we’ve found about the complaints of the people about this product:

  •  I cycled through the speeds and immediatey smelled a chemical type smell
  • The filter would not turn on.
  • I see no difference in the amount of dust in the air.

Nevertheless Alen BreatheSmart-FLEX-Pure Air Purifier is an Amazon’s choice and it has a score of 4.5 stars out of 5.

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