PureClean PUCRC660 Smart Gyroscope Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Honest Reviews

Hi! Let’s see PureClean PUCRC660 Smart Gyroscope Robot Vacuum Cleaner’s most honest reviews!

PureClean PUCRC660 Smart Gyroscope Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Good! What is saying the most satisfied customers out there? Let’s see!

  • OMG, this thing can mop! I got the wet mop bin and pads and let her loose on the previously mopped kitchen and I couldn’t believe how dirty the pad was. Then I turned her loose on the bathroom, and the same thing. She seems to cover everything several times which pretty much cleans it all. 
  • This vacuum is esthetically appealing, it actually does a pretty decent clean, not too loud, and I LOVE the zig zag vacuum pattern. It gets a whole room before moving onto the next.
  • I have had this for a few days now and it seems to be working very well. With app control I am able to control the unit with my devices, the remote, and even Alexa. 
  • I Purchased this item for my new home that me and my fiance are moving into. We have a mix of hardwood / carpet flooring and the vacuum works excellent on both floors! We are so happy with our purchase. The quality of the item is great as well.
  • I got this for a hard concrete floor of a warehouse to lessen how often I have to vacuum due to allergies. I am always shocked at how much dirt and hair it picks up. It gets underneath low shelves. I like that it has a HEPA filter. It’s quieter than I expected. It is gentle when approaching walls, furniture or objects. I haven’t tried it out on any carpet.

Now let’s move forward and the most negative reviews! Auch!

  • The other reviews are 100% right. This cannot be connected to wifi no matter how well you follow the directions. Too bad, it seems like a cool feature. I wanted to use this for my elderly mother so I could remotely clean her house via wifi. The instructions are off because this never connected, kept saying an error occurred.
  • We bought this in mid-January and it is quit working the end of February. Worked fabulously while it worked…now it won’t even charge.
  • It performed pretty well. Cleaned with more than average efficiency, removed pet hair effectively. However broke in 2 weeks.

Nevertheless PureClean PUCRC660 Smart Gyroscope Robot Vacuum Cleaner it has a score of 4.1 stars out of 5! It has a decent price and it could be a good choice for you and your budget! Get yours here!

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